Batch Brewing

Batch brewing



Batch brewing is a brewing process where we brew multiple drinks at once. In this lesson, we examine the batch brewer and its elements.

Commercial coffee brewers come in different sizes, and produce small to large batch sizes based on desired volume. A smaller brewer will likely brew 1 to 3 liters at a time, while some larger brewers can brew up to 12 gallons at a time. These brewers are programmed and calibrated to deliver water at the desired temperature and volume. The barista is responsible for adding the correct dosage of coffee at the correct grind, and for providing the correct filter for proper brewing.

Commercial brewers have a water delivery method for consistent brewing and water saturation. Water is delivered from a spray head with an optimized spray pattern. The spray pattern is optimized to saturate all the coffee as evenly as possible.

Many commercial batch brewers also have a bypass feature. This allows for a controlled brew time, which is followed by a controlled amount of hot water “bypassing” the coffee grounds to reach required volume without over extracting the coffee grounds.

We recommend that coffee is brewed into stainless steel or glass lined servers or carafes that are air-tight. Also, coffee that is brewed in batches will be at its best for roughly 45 minutes to an hour.

*Brewing less volume more often when batch brewing is the best way to ensure freshness.

** Rinse the empty carafe/server with hot water from a hot water source before brewing to heat the holding vessel. If you brew directly into an unheated carafe the coffee will cool dramatically during and after the brewing process.


Batch Brew Programming Pt 1

In this video we’ll talk about the importance of programing, how we do it, and strategies for consistent service using batch brewing programing.

Why do we need to know how to program our batch brewers? Most batch brewers come with pre-sets and its important to know what those are. If, for example, our brew temperature is too low, we can make that adjustment to fit within our parameters.

Programing allows us to:

1. Implement our coffee-to-water brew ratio – 60g per Liter

2. Control our total brew time – 4 to 6 minutes

3. Set our brew temperature – 195-205

Depending on the batch brewer, total brew time can be comprised of:

1. Pre-infusion/pre-wet/pre-soak – This occurs at the beginning out the brew cycle, wetting the grounds and allowing the coffee to bloom for 30-45 seconds.

2. Brew time – When the water is added in several pulses to our bed of coffee.

3. Drip time – This is the time from the end of the spray head flow to the time that the basket stops dripping.

Batch Brew Programing PT 1

Batch Brew Programing PT 2

Ideally We’ll only have to program the brew once – during installation.

We can use several different strategies to help keep service consistent in our cafe.

First: limit your recipes to 2 – a full batch and a half batch

Second: Make your recipes practical – if your full batch is 3 liters, make your half batch 1.5 liters

Third: Make your recipes accessible and visible to your staff by posting them on the side of your grinder. Telling staff how much coffee to use for each batch

Fourth: Brew smaller batches durning slow times to help avoid waste.

Batch Brew Programing PT 2

Batch Brew Cleaning

Over the course of the day, coffee oil will build up in your carafes, including stems. Oils will also build up in the brew basket and on the sprayer head. These oils will go rancid and significantly affect the overall flavor of your coffee, so you must make sure to clean them every day.




First, take a small scoop of cleaner and sprinkle it into your brew basket.

Then brew a half pot into the carafe. This will simultaneously clean the carafe and the brew basket.

 After letting that soak for 10 to 15 min, empty the water and scrub the inside of the carafe, remembering to scrub the stems. After scrubbing, we will rinse the carafe by brewing another batch of hot water through the basket and carafe. After discarding the water we will rinse with warm tap water.

Batch Brew Cleaning