Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a new frontier. As we understand more about how coffee extracts under these conditions, new methods and techniques are constantly being developed and refined. In this module we will discuss and demonstrate a few different techniques for making this delicious beverage.

Non-Concentrated Cold Brew

non-concentrated cold brew


Cold brewed coffee is a new frontier and is constantly changed and being developed. Cold Brewed coffee is brew for a long period of time and room temperature, Iced Coffee is coffee brewed hot and poured over ice.  This method is for a non-concentrated cold brew.

You will need:

5 gallon bucket

nylon strainer


giant paper filter

stirring device

4 pounds of coffee

a large measuring cup

a large strainer

We will add 16 liters of cold water, which will yield 12 liters of cold brew coffee.

Insert the nylon strainer into the bucket.

Insert the paper filter into the nylon strainer.

Add pre-ground coffee in to filter.

Add 8 liters, making sure to wet all the grounds.

Stir the mixture to make sure all the grounds are wet.

Tie the filter with your string.

Add the rest of the water.

Cover with a lid and let extract for 16-18 hours. After 16-18 hours drain filter with the strainer.


Clean and rinse the bucket and nylon strainer.