TDS Rewards Program


Our Synergy Rewards Program is our way of helping our loyal customers get the Most Value Possible for every purchase in our store. By signing up for a Synergy Rewards Account in one of our stores, you will unlock special deals and cash back rewards with every purchase you make. Sign up in-store today to receive the following:

  • 10% Cash Back on All Purchases

  • $5.00 Rewards Registration Bonus

  • $6.00 Birthday Reward

  • Periodic E-Mail Specials

  • Periodic Member Only Text Offers

Program Rules

            The Drink Station, LLC offers to its frequent customers the opportunity to gain rewards for their continued support and patronage.  These offers are afforded as benefits of The Drink Station Synergy Rewards Program membership or "TDS Rewards."  The benefits offered to TDS Rewards members are exclusive to those members as a group.  TDS Rewards members may attain membership by visiting any The Drink Station location and signing up at the point-of-sale or by visiting http://rewards.thedrinkstation.com.

            The following are the official rules and regulations governing the TDS Rewards.  These rules and regulations are effective as of June 1, 2016 and shall continue in effect until further notice by The Drink Station, LLC.

            Benefits of the program include:

10% Cashback on In-Store Purchases – members will receive 10% of their pre-tax purchases in-store in the form of TDS Rewards cash credits. Credits may be used at any time after issue. Credits are stored on our partner Synergy Loyalty Solutions' servers and do not expire. It is the responsibility of the member to maintain credit redemption receipts in the case of a server failure. In the event that a member redeems cash credits which do not cover the balance due on its order, the remaining balance paid will not be eligible for reward cash credit accrual.

$5.00 Registration Bonus – members will receive an initial offer for a $5.00 bonus credit on all newly registered cards.  This bonus is added to member's cash credit balance only after member has finalized registration of its account on our rewards site portal located at http://rewards.thedrinkstation.com. 

$6.00 Birthday Reward & $2.50 We Miss You Reward- because everyone deserves a gift on their birthday, we're happy to offer a $6.00 reward during the birth month of our TDS Reward members. Also, because we miss your smiling face, we will periodically send our rewards members a $2.50 reward as an incentive to return when they've been gone too long. In order to receive these credits, member must have completed registering its account, including providing a birth month, on our rewards site portal located at http://rewards.thedrinkstation.com. Birthday Rewards and We Miss You rewards are valid for the entirety of the month issued but must be used by the last day of that month or any unused portion of the Birthday Rewards or We Miss You Rewards credit will be forfeited and canceled until subsequent issuance. Birthday and We Miss You rewards will only be available for redemption AFTER the primary reward balance has been exhausted.

Periodic E-Mail and Text Specials and Offers - members who complete their registration on our rewards site portal located at http://rewards.thedrinkstation.com will be eligible for special members-only special offers via e-mail and text message. 

            Fees and Maintainance:

            There is no charge to setup your TDS Rewards account.  There will be no fee assessed to maintain membership.  In the event that a member must change its account number, member must call Synergy Loyalty Solutions at (858) 569-8842 to modify its account information.


            Membership is non-transferrable. 

  Qualifying Purchases:

            A qualifying purchase is any purchase made in-store in the amount of $0.01 or more and for which payment is not tendered with a gift card, rewards credit, or house account. Discounted purchases are not eligible to receive reward credits.

  Tracking and Credit Issuance:

            Card Holder may track its purchases and check account balance by visiting http://rewards.thedrinkstation.com.


            Rewards Credits can only be redeemed by the person whose name appears on the TDS Rewards Account record. Rewards Credits may not be redeemed by a third-party and cannot be gifted, transferred, or redeemed for cash. 

            Membership Account:

            Card Holder Account numbers will be attached to a phone number provided at the time of sign up. 

            Abuse of Rewards:

            A member will have its Cash Rewards Balance canceled or voided if there is evidence of abuse. Abuse of one's TDS Rewards Account may include but is not limited to signing up for multiple accounts, changing one's birth month, or voiding multiple purchases after Rewards Credits have been issued. Further, The Drink Station LLC reserves the right to cancel, void, or revoke any Rewards Credit at any time without notice to member for reasons which The Drink Station LLC and/or its rewards partners believe violates the spirit of the TDS Rewards Program. 

Marketing Platform OPT-IN Notice

               All participants and/or subscribers to The Drink Station's Rewards Program understand that by enrolling in the Program, he or she is OPTING-IN to receive marketing and other notification e-mails and text messages to his or her e-mail address and/or telephone number associated with his or her rewards account. Participation in this marketing is mandatory for all rewards members; as such, in order to permanently unsubscribe from marketing communications, current members must unsubscribe from the Program directly by calling Synergy Loyalty Solutions. 



12/12/2014 - Card Replacement Fee Price Changed from $4.99 to $2.99.
10/09/2015 - Physical card no longer necessary for credit redemption. 
06/01/2016 - Terms updated to reflect change to digital rewards platform.
11/27/2017  - Terms updated to clarify how birthday rewards are redeemed on digital platform. 
10/23/2018 - Secondary OPT-IN notice added to program rules in order to provide additional clarity on program rules with regard to advertising.