ManaTEA Silicone Tea Infuser
ManaTEA Silicone Tea Infuser
ManaTEA Silicone Tea Infuser

ManaTEA Silicone Tea Infuser

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How about a sea cow as an infuser? Bet you never thought of that one! All the ManaTea infuser wants is to relax in a warm cup of water and gradually infuse it with tea or with any other herbal infusion of your choice. The ManaTea wants to do this, it is happy doing this. Look at the smile on her face! This infuser is the perfect tea-time companion! Just place a pinch of your favorite loose-leaf tea inside its silicone tail and have it perched on its favorite spot at the edge of your cup. The Cute Rubber Tea Infuser may look relaxed but it's actually hard at work making perfectly brewed tea. This tea infuser makes for the perfect addition for your afternoon tea-time you've been so looking forward to. 


  • Brews a delicious cup of tea every time!
  • Made of pure, food grade flexible silicone rubber
  • Can withstand temperatures of -40°F to 250°F
  • Helps you unwind with your favorite cup of loose-leaf tea and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
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